Lyden af vand – en musikers fortælling. By Maria Bundgård. Papterback. Langauge: Danish. 135 Pages. Published by Forlaget Mellemgaard, April 2016. The book is written over the repertoire of the CD, Sound of Water. Introducing each piece in a historical point of view, the book tells the story behind the music. By adding immortal water tales and personal perspectives it completes the greater picture of the music and the pianist’s own work process behind the scenes. Buy here.

I begyndelsen var Klangen. By Maria Bundgård. Paperback with CD (From Russia with love). Langauge: Danish. 135 Pages. Published by Forlaget Olufsen/CDKlassisk, November 2016. Russian piano music, H.C. Ansersen’s fairy tales and Saint John’s story of creation is connected in this extraordinary experience in music and words. Personal experiences and emotional honesty is mixed with a factual introduction to the music as we follow a young artists aim to find the Sound – the deepest understanding of the music. Buy here.

Mellem sol og måne. By Maria Bundgård. Paperback. Language: Danish. 132 pages. With illustrations by Maria Bundgård. Published by Forlaget Mellemgaard, December 2019.
This is the third, independent book in Maria Bundgård’s Parisian triology. Linked to the music on her third CD, L’amour au milieu des ruines, it explores the life of the artist in the element of fire through the romantic piano music of Europe and the artistic wonders of Paris. Buy here.